Maru Music’s simple goal is to introduce Japanese JRock and Visual-kei to music fans throughout the world.  Music has finally become borderless and is its own universal language.  Fans throughout the world can discover the power and beauty of JRock and Visual-kei. Maru Music was incorporated due to the efforts of one of the largest music production companies in Japan and US based personal, who have been working in the Japanese music industry for decades. Maru Music develops partnerships with Artists,  Management, Publishing and Production companies based in Japan to release and promote JRock music outside of Japan. Maru in Japanese means Circle or O.  As this is used in the name Maru Music it represents the evolution of music and its availability throughout the world.

To be the ultimate destination for JRock and Visual-kei fans to discover the latest news and information on Japanese music.

Mail: Maru Music Inc., PO Box 26277, Los Angeles, CA 90026











Maru Music is asking for your help to help spread the word about Visual Kei. Whether you want to spread the word amongst your friends,
have a club who would like to promote or have a local store carry our merchandise.  Maru Music appreciates the help from their fans and
really wants to reach out to their community.

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